Fleas – one of the most irritating of pests 


Pet owners of Brisbane, you may not love the summer heat but the fleas sure do. They can be one of the most irritating pests, hitching a ride on your furry friends and leaving itchy bites on you.

Keith’s Expert Advice on Fleas: While fleas are active all year, they thrive in the summer. Their eggs and larvae mature faster in these warm seasons which leads to a more rapid growth in their population and spread. They’ll jump into anything dense and warm, like your carpet, shed, shrubs, and of course, pet’s fur. Because of where they tend to live, flea bites tend to be on your legs and ankles. So, if you notice one flea, act quickly. And that means two things, treating your pet AND your home.

How to treat flea infestations in the home

Brisbane City Pest Control offers premier flea treatments to rid your home of these pests. We encourage homeowners to do a thorough clean of their property before treatment, including vacuuming their carpets, mopping, cleaning upholstered furniture, and cleaning the areas their pets like to sleep and rest. Doing so will increase the effectiveness of treatments and allow our pest control technicians to quickly identify the problem areas of the home.

While our technicians work, your family and pets should not be in your home; we recommend using this time to get your pets treated for fleas, so they don’t reinfest your home. Our flea treatment includes the use of liquid treatments that contain an insect growth regulator and insecticidal dust in common flea harbourage areas. You should allow a little time for the liquid to dry and and dust to settle before re-entering your home.

How to prevent fleas in your home 

Our tips for preventing fleas and managing a flea problem are: 

  • Vacuum carpet and furniture regularly to reduce the dust and dirt in your home 
  • Wash your pets regularly to reduce the chance of them picking up fleas 
  • Wash pet bedding regularly 
  • Inspect your pet after a day out to see if they picked up any fleas 
  • Wash shaggy items like rugs and mats that may become flea sanctuaries 

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