Brisbane is known for its glorious subtropical weather and stunning scenery, drawing in new residents from all over the country. Unfortunately, pests like rats, mice, cockroaches, ants, and termites are attracted to the city for the same reasons humans are. Your postcode could help determine which pests your home is most at risk of attracting – depending on the specific suburb and what the surrounding area looks like. Contact Brisbane City Pest Control today for effective pest management for your home based on years of local knowledge.

Which Northern Suburbs Are Pest Hot Spots?

The northern suburbs of Brisbane are beautiful places to live – with old-style Queenslander homes on large green blocks, as well as leafy, tree-lined streets, it’s a paradise for a lot of people. Unfortunately, these suburbs are also hot spots for a lot of nasty pests. With all manner of forested areas, parkland, mangroves, seaside suburbs and urban areas, pests can really thrive here. Check to see if your suburb is a hot spot so you can get on top of pest management for your home or take note if you plan to move to the northern suburbs of Brisbane in the future.


Rats can be a problem pest on the Brisbane northside

Rat populations can fluctuate based on environmental changes, with Brisbane being particularly susceptible due to its subtropical climate. Rat populations have decreased in Brisbane in recent years, but Brisbane City Council still gets numerous calls from several northside suburbs. People might expect rats to be confined mainly to the CBD, but the three most common suburbs to find rats on the northside include Bracken Ridge, Zillmere, and Aspley. These suburbs are all close to parkland, which make them attractive to rats.



Termites love the moist, humid climate we enjoy in south-east Queensland and so they post a significant risk to homes. Most of the 10 types of termites that live in Queensland are active in the greater Brisbane areas and are quite common. If you live in Hendra, Nundah, or The Gap, your home could be at risk for a termite infestation. These suburbs are known for their beautiful old Queenslander-style homes which are made almost entirely out of wood. They also back on to nature reserves and forested areas.


Again, the subtropical climate and leafy surrounds are huge drawcards for cockroaches, who love dark, warm, and humid environments. While it’s true that cockroaches thrive in inner city suburbs with rubbish build-up in alleyways and the like, they unfortunately can be found anywhere there’s a decent food source along with warm, damp conditions.


You might notice that just before or just after rain, your ant problems grow significantly. Ants love wet and moist conditions. The most obvious sign of an infestation is an ant trail, most likely in the kitchen where food might be. They can cause some damage to your home, as well as leave a musty odour through their droppings.

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