A comprehensive pest management plan utilises a range of preventative measures to help control pests and keep them from invading your business. A good plan can mean you’ll stay on top of any pest-related issues before they can turn into a nasty, costly problem that could put your business at risk. Brisbane City Pest Control’s comprehensive pest management plan is worth the money – and will give you peace of mind as well!

What is a Comprehensive Pest Management Plan?

Having a comprehensive plan is essential for managing pests like mice, cockroaches, and other crawling insects that could potentially cause massive losses to your business. By contacting Brisbane City Pest Control, we can work with you to ensure your business is effectively managed and remains as pest-free as possible.

A comprehensive pest plan includes a range of preventative measures including:

  • Routine interior and exterior inspections
  • Identification of any existing pests or pests that are common in the area
  • Treatment of any affected areas
  • Implementation of methods of pest control
  • Recommendations for limiting and preventing pest activity
  • Routine revaluation of the effectiveness of pest control treatments
  • Modifications to pet control methods if they aren’t working as well as they did previously
  • Educating staff members about pest prevention and what actions and conditions may have contributed to pests in the past.

These can depend on the type of business you have and the unique needs of the location your business. For example, a business close to wetlands might need different pest control methods to a business that backs on to other businesses in the animal agriculture industry.

Is It Worth Paying for One for My Business?

After over a decade of experience working in Brisbane’s entertainment precincts, I have seen the damage pests can cause to businesses in the retail and hospitality industries first-hand. Just one or two cockroaches might not seem like a pest control issue, but these can quickly turn into a few thousand, which can devastate a business. Once pests have taken hold, it’ll be more about breaking their breeding cycle rather than simply eradicating them. It can take multiple rounds of pest control and a lot of time to fix the problem – there won’t be a quick-fire solution. With the threat of surprise health inspections or the loss of business and reputation due to pest-related closure, having a comprehensive pest management plan could be the difference between a successful business and permanent closure. Far easier to prevent pests in the first place than to react to them.

Don’t wait to risk the cost blow out of not having a comprehensive plan – get proactive and keep your business safe. A plan of this nature could be the difference between paying a few hundred dollars and many thousands of dollars to fix a pest infestation problem, which with loss of business, customers, and reputation could cripple your business.


Help keep your business safe from pest invasion and the risk of losing customers, business, and attracting heavy fines with Brisbane City Pest Control’s comprehensive pest management plan. Contact us for a quote today!