If you live in Boondall, Deagon, Brighton or any Brisbane coastal area you’re dreading the early evening right now.  The mozzies are bad. They’re very bad.  Some would say, they suck.  We’re based in Bracken Ridge, and we know the perils of working close to the Tichi Tamba wetlands.  I’m a third-generation pest controller who has a particular dislike for mosquitoes.  So I have some tips for you if you’re suffering right now.

Why are the mozzies so bad?

The short answer is probably, rain is forecast.  The intermittent rain we’re having means that Brisbane City Council can’t find a good dry window to spray. Mosquitos lay eggs in places in mostly shaded places where water pools.  There are several different types of mosquitoes in Brisbane.  The most common is the saltmarsh mosquito (Aedes vigilax) which thrives in our coastal wetland areas. There are also freshwater mosquitoes (most commonly culex annulitrostris) which only hatch when freshwater pools.  So, after rain, and it doesn’t take much rain at all, we get a double dose of mosquito life in the area.

Watch out – moisture also attracts silverfish infestations in Brisbane.

What Brisbane City Council sprays

The low-flying “crop duster” helicopters you see over the wetlands are spraying BTI, bacillus thuringiensis isralensis, and Methoprene.  Sounds scary right?  It’s not.  BTI and Methroprene are specifically designed to disrupt mosquito growth at various points in their lifecycle.  BTI has been used globally since the 1970s with zero negative impacts for the environment humans or other animals (although it disrupts the feeding frenzy of bats who love a good mozzie outbreak).  Methropene has been in use since the 1980s and has shown almost no negative impacts.  There are minor environmental concerns as it can result in a slight decrease in biodiversity.

They do however, decimate mosquitoes.

Not just annoying (although, also, very annoying)

Mosquitoes are the deadliest creatures on earth, killing 750,000 people a year worldwide.  We’re lucky here in Brisbane because our mosquitoes don’t carry malaria, but we do get the occasional outbreak of Ross River Fever, and while not generally deadly, the impacts can linger for more than a year.   Ask anyone who’s had Ross River Fever, it’s a disease you’d rather not contract.  So yes, we need to control mosquitoes in Brisbane, they’re not just irritating, they’re dangerous. The same goes for other dangerous outdoor pests like wasps.

Can a pest controller help?

Yes.  To some extent. We can’t necessarily control what’s going on over in the wetlands, but we offer a prevention service that removes eggs from your living area.  Because Council won’t be spraying your backyard, you could still face a mozzie outbreak even when there’s been a spray.  Getting rid of mosquitoes can involve chemical treatment, heat treatment, baits, traps or electrical devices.  Our approach is to inspect your property and recommend the best possible treatment for your particular circumstances.  Ideally, you and your closest neighbours will engage us together – that way, there’s no “sharing” each other’s outbreak!  If you and your neighbours get together to wipe out mozzies from the street, we may be able to offer a reduced rate for treatment.  Just give Mariah in the office a call on 0481 996 795, she can run you through it.


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