Wasps – the aggressive cousin to the bee

A wasp is the more dangerous cousin of the bee. It is more aggressive than bees and can sting multiple times. A wasp sting is extremely painful, but in some cases, can even be deadly. It can be especially dangerous if they find an ideal spot for a nest, which can easily lead to a wasp infestation.

How do you deal with a wasp infestation?

If you notice wasps, please do not disturb them. They are best left alone to mitigate the risk of the wasps attacking.  Instead, call for wasp pest control to deal with them in a safe manner. It is best to deal with wasps before the nest becomes large and the wasps take over your garden. If you rent and have a wasp problem, it is your responsibility to deal with apartment pest control.

What you should do if you get stung by a wasp

If you get stung by a wasp, then immediately wash it with warm soapy water and apply a cold pack. Take an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen in order to avoid too much swelling. Many people are allergic to wasp stings without knowing, so watch for signs of an allergic reaction such as an itchy mouth and throat, swelling around the sting or face, and increased pulse. If you experience any of those symptoms or multiple wasp stings, then immediately attend the hospital for professional care. 

Brisbane City Pest Control will deal with wasps swiftly and efficiently. They will remove the wasps quickly with no risk to your family and pets.

See our domestic pest control services and contact us today to speak about wasp removal so you can once again enjoy your garden. 



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