Is your silverfish problem leaving you threadbare?

Silverfish love to bother Brisbane homeowners. Though they are harmless to humans, they still find ways to be a pain. These pests are an unpleasant sight and do a good job eating and destroying papers, cardboard and fabrics. A humid, dark, damp and cool environment will encourage a silverfish infestation.

Keith’s Expert Advice on Silverfish: I started working in pest control before I ever graduated high school and since then I have been upskilling and learning everything there is to know about pests in Brisbane. So, if I know anything about persistence and hard work, silverfish are experts at sticking around. People often struggle to get rid of them on their own. This is one where you really need to call in the professionals with the right knowledge and equipment. From there, we can talk preventative measures and making sure that you seal every place where they can creep back in.

Silverfish are long, flat-shaped insects that live in moist places with high humidity. They have silvery bodies and can be easily spotted because they look and move like a fish, hence the name. These pests are mainly found in areas of the house that are warm and humid. That is why you will often see them in the kitchen or bathroom. What makes silverfish pests is their love of eating fabrics and papers.

Common signs of a silverfish infestation are:

  • eaten wallpaper;
  • holes in clothing;
  • regularly spotting silverfish in your bathroom or even the tub;

Silverfish can also eat food items and household materials.

Treating your silverfish infestation

Once our professional technicians arrive onsite, they will ask you a number of questions about the damage you have noticed. Then they will conduct a thorough inspection of your property to find their nesting spots and where they frequent.

Our silverfish treatment plan uses a combination of traps and aerosols in order to completely rid your property of silverfish. All of the formulas used by our technicians are non-toxic, so you do not need to worry about adverse health reactions. If you are experiencing a serious infestation that requires the use of an artificial solution, then our technicians will advise you in advance so you can arrange to leave the premises while technicians are treating your home.

At the end of all our treatments, our technicians will clean the treated areas to ensure no residue is left behind.

How to prevent silverfish infestations

Silverfish love damp, dark areas, so one of the best ways to prevent silverfish in your home or business is to ensure there is no excess moisture. This can be difficult in the bathroom, but even a little extra ventilation can help. Learn more about our commercial pest control services here.

Clutter and mess is another thing that silverfish love because it provides them with plenty of dark, poorly ventilated areas to hide and plenty of materials to eat. If you do have storage areas in your home, make sure they get plenty of light and consider using a fan to ensure there is enough air movement. The last thing you want is your stored clothing or paper items to become a silverfish buffet.

Contact us to discuss the best Silverfish treatments if you have noticed any initial signs of silverfish infestation.

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